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How Often Should You Change Out Your Air Filter?


Replacing your air filter is an essential part of keeping your HVAC system updated and working correctly. However, it’s a significant task that most homeowners forget to do on the regular, which can cause their energy bills to increase drastically and a variety of maintenance problems. But, how often should you change your air filter? We’ll discover the answer below with Beam HVAC!


Generally Speaking

When it comes down to it, you should replace and change your air filter depending on the type of filter you use and how dirty your home is. For example, if your house is relatively clean and the filter doesn’t have to work as hard, you’re not going to have to change the filter as frequently. Below, are a few other factors you should consider when determining how often your air filter should be changed.


Whether You Have Children

Having good air quality in your home is especially crucial if you have kids. Regularly replacing your air filter will ensure there’s high-quality air circulating in your home at all times. In the winter we spend significantly more time indoors making it that much more important to have a new air filter keeping your family safe. Contact Beam HVAC to come to your home and preform a Fall Tune-up to ensure that your family is protected this winter.


Allergies in the Family

If someone in your family has allergies or asthma, they may be more sensitive to particles in the air of pollutants that could spread around due to an unchanged air filter. If anyone in your family has allergies, you should try to change the air filter every six weeks, to ensure that your home has the best air quality to suit their needs.

Beautiful Private House in the Suburb

Number of Pets

If you have pets, you know how much they can shed, which can put a toll on your HVAC system’s air filter. If you have a few pets, you should change your air filter every several months. For example, having your filter changed in the Spring and then in the Fall would be a wise choice. However, if you have a particular breed of pet that sheds more than average, you should consider changing your air filter more frequently than that.


How Often You Use Your HVAC System

Another factor that will determine how often you should change your air filter is how much you use your HVAC. There’s a wide range for homeowners, from a few hours a season to full-time for an entire year. Obviously, if you run your HVAC system continuously for a year, you’re going to have to change it more often than running it minimally for a year. However, in most, cases changing the filter all comes down to how much you use your heating and cooling system.


Size of Your House

When figuring out how often to change your air filter, contact Beam HVAC. The larger your house is, the more often you’ll need to change it since there will be more pollutants and particles in the air that your HVAC system will need to filter. For smaller homes that require less usage of the cooling and heating systems, you’ll have to change the filter much less often.


There are quite a few factors that determine how often you should change your HVAC’s air filter, from the size of your home to what allergies your family has. Hopefully, this guide could help you figure out how frequently your air filter should be changed in your home. It’s never a bad idea to change your filter heading into a new season. Contact Beam HVAC today to schedule a fall tune-up for your heating system!

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