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Addressing Common AC Cooling Problems

Common AC Cooling Problems

It's simple to take air conditioning for granted. This time of year, many people anticipate hearing the buzz of an AC unit turning on as soon as they turn the thermostat. Unfortunately, the anticipated, soothing hum can instead be dreaded quiet if the air conditioner has not been maintained or repaired.

However, even after an AC unit has been serviced in a house, frequent problems can still occur occasionally. While some of these problems are reasonably simple to resolve on your own, others call for the expertise and attention of an HVAC professional.

Let's examine some common AC cooling problems that homeowners may encounter during spring and summer, along with solutions.

Dirty Air Filters

The air filter keeps the HVAC system's internal components clean so that it can operate effectively by trapping dirt, dust, dander, and other particles seeking to enter the system. Additionally, they keep the air within your home healthy and clean. However, if the filter is dirty, it might obstruct airflow and reduce the air conditioner's capacity to effectively chill your home. Depending on how much dirt has accumulated, it can even compel the device to shut off. Make sure to frequently clean and change your air filter. To keep your air conditioner operating efficiently, do this at least every six months—or more regularly, depending on how often you use your HVAC system.

Leaking Refrigerant

Your HVAC system is likely to malfunction if refrigerant leaks from your exterior unit. The leak will have an impact on its capacity to deliver cool air and will result in a change in the internal temperature of your home. The cost of repairs might vary, and doing them yourself isn't advised because the necessary skills and tools are needed to guarantee a job well done. Have a qualified air conditioning expert examine your equipment to find the leak's origin and carry out the required maintenance.

Sensor Problems

The thermostat sensor may occasionally be at fault. If this isn't functioning properly, an AC unit might not turn on and off as it should, which could affect cooling and performance.

This sensor may occasionally be in the wrong place. According to, it should be close to the evaporative coil but not touching it. The wire holding the sensor in place must be carefully bent so that it is close to the coil.

You can depend on our team at BEAM HVAC to provide dependable heating and air conditioning repair services. Call us today!

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