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Does Running a Ceiling Fan Help to Keep the Room Cooler?

A ceiling fan does not enhance air quality as much as an air conditioner does. It may, however, be able to improve the efficiency of your system. Here are some things to consider while using ceiling fans to cool your house.

ceiling fans to cool your house

Do Ceiling Fans Lower the Temperature?

Although a ceiling fan does not really reduce the room's temperature, it may certainly make it seem cooler. The primary mechanism of ceiling fans is the wind chill effect. Moving air across your skin essentially aids in the quicker evaporation of perspiration. This may assist in lowering your body temperature. By dispersing air, ceiling fans may also assist to make a space appear cooler.

Hot air rises, while cold air settles at the room's lower levels. A ceiling fan can assist in drawing chilly air higher up, where it will circulate around your face rather than your feet. Even if the ambient temperature stays high, these factors combine to help you chill down.

Can a Ceiling Fan Help Your AC to Circulate Air?

A fan's primary function is to circulate air, thus it can help with hot areas in your home. An air conditioning system, in most cases, circulates air around the house on its own. Poorly constructed ducting or oddly located AC registers, on the other hand, might cause warm air to accumulate in certain areas of your home.

Installing a ceiling fan in these locations will assist to better mix the air, resulting in a more consistent temperature throughout your home. The amount of air circulation aided by a ceiling fan is determined by the fan's size, power, and the size of the space. Ceiling fans can only circulate air within a single room, so keep that in mind. Therefore, they cannot handle whole-home circulation like an air conditioner can.

Talk with the experts at BEAM HVAC to see how they can help you reduce your utilities and cost this summer, while staying cool and comfortable.

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