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How to Tell if Your Home Needs a Dehumidifier

home needs a dehumidifier

Your home's humidity level is just as crucial as its temperature. A humidity level that is too high can be uncomfortable and unhealthy. So, when would one require a dehumidifier?

Do you see mold growth, wood rot, and water stains on the walls? There are many more indications that a dehumidifier is required than just these few. To determine if you require this equipment, you must be aware of all of them.

How to tell if your home needs a dehumidifier? BEAM HVAC can assist you in answering this question.

Do You Have Mold Spots?

Mold stains are among the simplest things to identify. Take a look at the bathroom ceiling, the area around the toilet, and the area around the shower. Do you notice any teeny dark areas? You have a mold issue if you do. An exhaust fan should be used to ventilate the area when the steam rises during your shower. If you don't have enough ventilation, moisture may build up and become an ideal environment for poisonous black mold to grow.

After each shower, make sure to turn on the exhaust fan, and address any ventilation problems if they exist. Dehumidifier use is another option for reducing the amount of moisture in the air. Replace any contaminated sheetrock and windows if you find mold in other locations, such as basements, garages, or storage spaces. It's simpler to deal with a problem that only has a few mold stains then to wait and risk its spreading.

The Interior of the Windows Are Getting Wet

Condensation can form in your home if the humidity level is too high. When the air inside is warm and too damp, it typically occurs during cold weather. Tiny water droplets accumulate on cold glass windows as heated interior air meets them.

You should get a dehumidifier if condensation is forming on your windows in order to lower the humidity levels. You will observe other undesirable effects if you ignore this issue for an extended period of time. Contact BEAM HVAC today to learn how we can help you!

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