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Why You Should Avoid DIY HVAC Repairs

DIY HVAC repairs

DIY HVAC repairs are risky for your system as well as for the people who attempt them. Any mistake you make could lead to costly part replacement or long-term harm. It's preferable to leave HVAC repairs to the qualified professionals from BEAM HVAC. For this purpose, our professionals receive specialized training and have knowledge of HVAC systems.

Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid DIY HVAC repairs.

You Would Be Doing Work in High-Voltage Environments

Coming in direct contact with electricity can be injurious to health or even fatal. HVAC systems utilize very high voltage electricity. This is why only trained electricians and HVAC technicians have the permit to conduct repair work. No matter how fond you are of circuits and think you know how to do the job, there is a high risk of something going wrong.

You'll Be Encountering Hazardous Chemical Refrigerants

Handling some HVAC system components puts you and everyone else in the building in danger. For instance, the refrigerants used in air conditioners include hazardous substances. This is why only personnel who have received an EPA 608 certification from the US Environmental Protection Agency are allowed to perform HVAC maintenance and repairs and handle refrigerant disposal.

You Could Be Lacking the Proper Equipment

Another reason why you should avoid DIY HVAC repairs is that in order to diagnose and fix many HVAC issues, specialized instruments and gauges may be required. Most likely, you don't have all of the equipment and trying to fix things without them, or with subpar alternatives, can go wrong. Additionally, purchasing these instruments is significantly more expensive than hiring an HVAC professional.

More Issues Could Result From Attempting to DIY

Since you would lack the technical training of an HVAC technician, you run the risk of handling or installing a part incorrectly, which can lead to further problems or even system failure. Avoid doing your own repairs to save money on replacements and repairs. While addressing the current HVAC issue, a skilled technician from BEAM HVAC can quickly identify any other potential issues.

What Should You Do?

Don’t risk the chances of causing significant damage to your HVAC system or harming yourself, contact the professionals at BEAM HVAC today! We fix, maintain, and replace everything from heating, air conditioning, cooling, ventilation, service, repair, heat pump repair, ac repair, oil furnaces, gas furnaces, boilers, water heaters, and more - all with your satisfaction and comfort as our priority.

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