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BEAM Heating and Cooling operates with the strictest work ethics. Each of our service technicians and office staff are dedicated to the following virtues listed below.


When you call BEAM Heating and Cooling, you initiate a series of events that, we guarantee, will lead to your satisfaction.


Keep It simple

We do not assume that you are an expert on Heating and Cooling, therefore, we will not treat you like one. We speak in your language, not technical terms. We recommend the most efficient solutions to your heating and cooling problems. We schedule quickly and appropriately so that your problem is not delayed longer than necessary. We want you to feel as comfortable with our people as you are in the comfort of your home.


DO it right

We know that you don’t want to see us time and again. When your comfort is just right then we’ve done the job right. We don’t cut corners and we don’t recommend patch-work repairs just to get by. BEAM Heating and Cooling will do the job right the first time, saving you time, money and a lot of discomfort.


Determine Maintenance or Emergency

There’s nothing worse than confusing an urgent need with scheduled maintenance. Our trained staff will ask the right questions to get you the level of help you need when you need it.


First Visit Should be the last visit

For new product estimates, we will promptly send a trained consultant to assess the situation and give a thorough estimate so that when the installation crew comes, they have all material and tools needed to do the job right, the first time. For repair and maintenance work, our technician will arrive on location prepared for the job, we stock a large inventory of parts for the most efficient service repairs.

BEAM HVAC is proudly serving the residents of East Pittsburgh

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