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Bad HVAC Habits Every Owner Should Avoid

bad hvac habits

One of your biggest house investments will be an HVAC system. In light of this, you want to ensure that you receive complete value for your money. The easiest method to do this is to make sure your HVAC system is well-maintained. There are a lot of improper HVAC behaviors that might harm your system. This list of bad HVAC habits will inform you of what you should steer clear of to help you ensure that you maintain healthy practices when it comes to your system.

Failing to Replace Your System’s Filter

Your HVAC system's standard 1" filter should be replaced on a semi-annual basis. It is recommended that you should change it even sooner if you have animals that shed. It's crucial to remember to adjust your filter as it will fill up with dust if you wait too long to remove it. The air has a harder time passing through the filter when it fills up with dust. It takes longer to heat or cool your home when the airflow is restricted, resulting in higher energy costs.

A clogged filter can result in the filter failing to capture dirt that flows through when it becomes clogged. Once dirt and other waste are within your system, they might harm the delicate components or cause other issues. Depending on the extent of the damage, these problems may be costly to fix.

Not Scheduling Maintenance in Advance with BEAM HVAC

Scheduling maintenance in advance with BEAM HVAC should be scheduled twice a year, once before spring and once before fall. By doing this, you can make sure that your system is trouble-free and operating effectively.

An experienced BEAM HVAC specialist will clean your system, check it for problems, and make any necessary modifications during preventative maintenance. All of this contributes to maintaining your system's efficiency, which lowers energy costs and gives you peace of mind regarding your HVAC system.

Not Addressing Minor Issues with Your HVAC System

You should not ignore an issue, whether a BEAM HVAC expert discovers it during a scheduled maintenance visit or if you discover it on your own. Your HVAC system may not be significantly affected right now, but it can get worse and cost more to fix as time goes on. Call BEAM HVAC to schedule your maintenance inspection today!

Attempting to DIY Your HVAC System

Your HVAC unit is intricate and meticulous. To fix your system correctly, you need to possess a variety of talents and a wide range of knowledge. While doing it yourself may appear to save you money, making mistakes could result in additional problems that cost you more money. Contacting the experts at BEAM HVAC is the best method to ensure that your system is fixed correctly.

Frequently Changing the Temperature on Your Thermostat

A majority of your HVAC system's energy is used at startup. Your HVAC system will have to start up more frequently and use more energy if you keep changing the settings. In an effort to heat their home more quickly, several HVAC owners frequently set the thermostat higher than normal. This ultimately results in more energy use and higher temperatures inside your house.

Excessive Amount of Plants in Proximity to Your Outdoor Unit

For your outdoor unit to operate effectively, you need excellent ventilation. If there are any plants close to your outside unit, leaves and other debris may accumulate and obstruct effective ventilation. Additionally, they could attract pests and small animals that could try to build nests in your unit and cause further issues. Avoid putting too many plants next to your system and clean the space around your unit routinely.

Restricting Ventilation to Your Unit

The placement of air vents and return air ducts is carefully considered in order to distribute the conditioned air throughout your house. It's crucial to maintain this airflow in light of this. Placing furniture over or in front of vents and return air ducts is one error HVAC owners do frequently. This restricts airflow and may result in inconsistent heating around your house. Try to move your furniture if you can, making sure that none of your vents are blocked.

If you have questions about these bad HVAC habist, or would like to schedule a skilled BEAM HVAC technician to inspect your HVAC system, call us today!

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