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Buying a New Furnace for Your Historic Home

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Historic homes are beautiful, and they require more work than non-historic homes. This remains true when it comes to your historic home’s HVAC system and furnace. Here are some helpful tips for buying a new furnace for your historic home:

New furnace for your historic home

Energy Use

Energy efficiency is a concern for everyone when considering HVAC systems for their home. There are three types of furnaces: high efficiency, medium efficiency, and conventional. High efficiency furnaces are typically used in commercial buildings and are made for heating large spaces. They provide up to 90% energy efficiency. Medium efficiency is likely good for your historic home, and it provides 80% to 90% energy efficiency. If your home is particularly small, then a conventional furnace may be the right option for you. As a note, a medium efficiency furnace does not require a chimney, but a conventional system does require a chimney. These are important factors to consider when choosing your new furnace.

Existing Ductwork

The existing ductwork in your home may be very old, which causes your furnace to be prone to leaks and inefficiency. When considering a new furnace, think about your whole HVAC system. You will want Beam HVAC to inspect your air ducts to make sure that your new furnace runs at maximum efficiency.

Use Oil as a Fuel Source

Replacing and upgrading your furnace is a great time to consider switching from oil to natural gas. Natural gas is less expensive and more convenient than oil.

Legal Restrictions

If you have an historic home, there are rules and regulations that you need to follow in order to preserve it. Check to see if there are any HVAC restrictions. Some HVAC systems may work better than others for your historic home.

How it Looks

You don’t want your furnace system to create an eyesore. Work with Beam HVAC to come up with an option that is both functional and unobtrusive. It is possible to customize systems so that they blend in with or complement the original features of your home.

After reading these tips for buying a new furnace for your historic home, you can see that you have many options. Consider the system you have now, the system you’d like to have, and any associated costs and maintenance before making a final decision on your furnace installation. Consult with Beam HVAC, and they will help you choose the perfect furnace for your historic home.

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