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Fall Projects to Maximize HVAC Efficiency

Fall Projects

Here are a few HVAC-related fall projects that can assist guarantee your home comfort system is working at optimum efficiency this autumn, ranging from do-it-yourself projects to in-depth maintenance needing the knowledge of a heating and conditioning specialist.

Maintenance of the HVAC System Should Be Scheduled

Schedule HVAC system maintenance before the cool fall days and nights arrive. Our certified HVAC experts will examine your furnace or heat pump to make sure it's in good working order. We'll also let you know if any necessary repairs need to be done so you don't have to deal with a system malfunction in the future. You'll save money on electricity this fall if you maintain your HVAC system on a regular basis.

Ductwork Should be Sealed

When scheduling maintenance, be sure to inquire about the technician inspecting and sealing the ducting. Conditioned air escapes through leaks or holes in the ductwork. The technician should also search for any broken components that need to be replaced, as well as any ducts that need to be insulated to minimize conduction losses.

Obstructions in the Airways Must Be Removed

Clear your vents of dust and debris, and move any heavy furniture or other things that may be obstructing registers and preventing heat from reaching all of your living rooms for an even dispersion of air throughout your house.

Why Not Give the Professionals at BEAM HVAC a Call Right Now?

One of our specialists would be delighted to assess your home's energy efficiency and give ideas for improvement, or set up a seasonal preventative maintenance appointment for you.

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