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How to Clean your AC Vents for Summer

It’s the time of year that means that you want an HVAC system that’s running at its optimal levels, but without breaking the bank. The most important factor to keep in mind is that clean air vents will save a lot of time in repair and cost in both cooling and heating your house. Keeping your vents clean will help ensure that irritants like dirt, dust, hair, pollen and other allergens are not being spread or worse building up inside your system. Continue reading to learn how to clean your AC vents.

It doesn’t take much to clean your AC vents. In fact, most people have the supplies around their house at any given time. The recommended DIY list is as follows:

· A strong step ladder

· Screwdriver

· Soap and Water

· Disposable scrub brush

· Vacuum, one that can handle high volume of debris

A few other precautions you should make sure you take before starting the process:

· Wear protective eye gear and gloves to handle any surprise debris

· Make sure that you check your circuit breaker for the outside system as well as your thermostat

· For more fragile areas of the vent, use the soft bristles vacuum attachment to keep it steady

The first step in how to clean your AC vents is to make sure that you turn off the power to your HVAC system. You don’t want your unit running because it could blow things in your face. It will also ensure that you don’t waste either heat or air coming out during the process of cleaning.

The second step is to locate and map out where all the vents are in your house. Start with the easiest to reach, by carefully unscrewing the vent covers and placing the material to the side. Using your soap and water or other all-purpose disinfectant wipe down the air covers and run under water for good measure. Once dry, you can replace the air vents back to their places, working steadily to the higher reaching ones.

The third step can be done while your covers are driving. Using the vacuum, reach the hose carefully down in the system. If you don’t have a vacuum with this feature it is recommended to borrow or rent one for the process. This ensure that you are able to thoroughly clean up the area with no other issues.

Finally, if you run into a problem that seems too large for you, stop what you’re doing and return the vents to its proper place. Contact Beam HVAC with any concerns or questions. We want to help you with any HVAC needs that you may encounter.

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