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How To: Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Prepare your HVAC for Spring

Since it still feels like winter at times, not many homeowners are prioritizing getting their HVAC system prepped for spring. Soon spring will bring forth a lot of beautiful things — warmth, flowers, Easter. But as anyone with allergies knows, spring also brings pollen and other allergens. Airborne allergens on top of dirty air ducts could make for a sick and drowsy household.

Use this HVAC Spring Maintenance Checklist to prepare your HVAC system for Spring. From changing the filter to cleaning around the condenser unit, learn why you need to prepare for spring and how to do it.

Buy New Air Filters

To prepare your HVAC system for Spring, use the change in seasons as an opportunity to change out the air filter. Air filters should be replaced according to need and use, approximately twice per year. Make it a habit of inspecting the air filter every quarter to ensure you are breathing in filtered air.

Air filters are key to maintaining healthy indoor air quality. If the air filter is dirty, the air is dirty. Additionally, if the air filter is dirty, then it is harder for your furnace and air conditioner to do its job; resulting in poor airflow, more wear and tear, and higher energy costs.

Clean More than Just Inside the Unit

Do you ever pay attention to your outdoor unit? Every once in a while, it needs to be checked up on. It’s possible that over the winter months, overgrown foliage, trash or other debris could have found its way around the condenser unit. Keep the area around the unit clear to prevent any issues. There should be a minimum 2-foot clearance around the entire unit. Be careful when planting around your HVAC unit—think about how large your plants will grow. A clean and clear unit is essential for maintaining high efficiency levels and reliability.

Indoors, make sure there is nothing located near the vents, registers, or indoor air handler. The key is to keep the air flowing as free as possible around your HVAC system.

Schedule a Spring Annual Tune-Up

Annual Checkups or Tune-ups to your system keep your units running at their designed efficiencies, prevents premature part failures, and maximize the life of your investment.

At Beam, we don’t have you prepaid annual maintenance agreements. We like to let you keep your cash and call us when you’re ready. We recommend an A/C check in the Spring/Summer and a furnace check in the Fall/Winter. If you are interested, please give us a call anytime, and we will happily provide more information.

What other ways do you prepare you HVAC system for Spring? Let us know in the comments below!

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