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HVAC Maintenance Tips

As the weather remains in a constant state of change, you should think about prepping your HVAC by performing regular maintenance in both the Spring and Fall. In doing so, you can ensure you’re using a functional and dependable system that will offer you luxuriously cool or warm air in your home for every season. Below, are a few tips you can start using to prepare your HVAC for any weather that comes your way.

Book Spring and Fall Precision Tune-Ups An easy way to start getting your HVAC ready for either the spring or fall is to book a precision tune-up appointment so that you can get your system inspected, and parts replaced or repaired. Fortunately, following a spring tune-up, your HVAC system should run a lot more efficiently and have less of a risk of breaking down in the following months.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat If you have a standard thermostat in your home, you should really consider having a smart one installed. Smart thermostats are not only affordable but also make it easier to manage the temperature of your home, even when you’re out of the house. Plus, it will learn your schedule and determine what temperature your home should be to save the most money.

Clean and Replace Air Filters This is one HVAC maintenance task that you can do on your own. The air filters in your system must be cleaned and replaced every so often. You can either clean off your current filter and put it back or replace it with a new one, depending on the type of system you have. Doing this will improve the air quality in your home and keep your system functioning efficiently. During the summer and winter when you are using your HVAC the most, check the filter once a month and clean it as needed.

Upgrade Your System Sometimes it is more cost-effective and less work to simply replace your old HVAC system. How old is your current system? Does it break down frequently, requiring lots of costly repairs? Are your energy bills higher than you would like them to be? Replacing your old system with a new, more energy efficient one can solve all of these issues. If you are not sure whether this would be the right course of action for you, talk to Beam to learn about all of your options.

There are many ways you can start prepping your HVAC for the Spring and Fall starting with some of the recommendations that we have included in this blog. Although it may seem like a lot of work now, it’s never been a better time to schedule a precision tune up for either the Spring or Fall. Contact Beam today to learn more and get started today.

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