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Old Houses Can Be Hard To Heat

Old house are hard to heat

Yes, it’s true! Old houses are famous for the challenge to heat and cool a space. Structural differences from modern homes make efficient heating and cooling difficult to achieve, but enjoying the history and beauty of an older home doesn’t have to mean paying an arm and a leg to stay comfortable! Beam HVAC is here to help you solve these issues. We came up with two solutions for old houses keep your interiors at the right temperatures throughout the winter months.

One option which may be appropriate for your older home is radiator heating. Many older homes have radiator heating systems in place, as this technology was quite common in the 18th century.

Upgrading old, inefficient radiator heating components with new, high efficiency models provides an excellent solution for whole home heating in an older house. Our HVAC contractors can examine existing components to determine which upgrades are needed and if the old system is still usable. In many older systems, in-room radiator units are often in good condition and can be used with a new boiler to provide heating throughout the home.

Another option can be installing a new modulating-condensing boilers. They offer better efficiency for hot water radiator heating systems compared to older home heating boilers. These boilers heat only the amount of water needed to provide for the home’s heating needs, rather than heating all the water within the unit at once. This technology provides great energy conservation, drastically cutting energy bills as a best way to heat old houses.

Put these old house heating issues to rest. The Beam HVAC team is only a call or email away! BEAM Heating and Cooling is proud to provide our industry leading Heating & Cooling services to the East Pittsburgh region!

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