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The Best Pittsburgh HVAC Winter Checklist

A cold Pittsburgh Winter night spent without heat can cause serious damage to your home in the form of freezing pipes. This is why it is so important to go over this Pittsburgh HVAC winter checklist! Our team at Beam HVAC can find the source of your heating problem in the Monroeville area and work with you to find the perfect solution. We’ve created a Pittsburgh HVAC winter checklist that our technicians typically check when we come to your house for your annual tune-up!

Pittsburgh HVAC Winter Checklist

  • The right thermostat settings help maintain a comfortable temperature while also saving energy.

  • If electrical connections are defective, they may damage HVAC equipment or make it hazardous to operate. Motors should have the correct voltage and current.

  • Should the condensate drain be plugged, it may lead to water damage, musty air due to mold, and increased humidity in the house.

  • The controls work properly if the system starts, operates, and turns off normally. Malfunctioning system controls can become a safety issue.

  • If moving parts are not properly lubricated, they can cause friction in the motors (which in turn results in greater energy use).

  • For a humidifier to operate effectively, it must be clean and free from mold as well as debris.

  • If the gas or oil connections are faulty, they can cause health issues or become a fire hazard.

  • A dirty burner can lead to faulty burner operation which may result in energy waste or safety issues.

  • Similarly, a damaged heat exchanger can impact energy efficiency or operational safety.

We care about the energy efficiency and safety of your home so we hope you found this Pittsburgh HVAC winter checklist helpful.

Do you have your winter annual tune-up scheduled? If not, contact Beam HVAC to schedule an appointment today!

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