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Safety Tips for Your Space Heater

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

As the weather gets cold, we are pulling out our space heaters for extra warmth. While space heaters keep us toasty, it is important that they are used correctly to reduce the risk of overheating or starting a fire. Follow these safety tips for your space heater this winter:

safety tips for your space heater

1. Watch the space heater’s surroundings. When you place the space heater, it should be at least three feet away from anything flammable, including curtains, rugs, and furniture. This three-foot distance is critical, as the space heater could burn or start a fire if it is touching anything.

2. Use only as intended. Your space heater is not made for drying clothes, warming blankets, or anything other than heating the room.

3. Keep it out of high-traffic areas. High-traffic areas, like hallways, are not a good spot for space heaters. In spaces where more people are walking, your space heater is more likely to be tripped over. Instead, keep the space heater out of the way. A great spot for a space heater is in the corner of the room, three feet away from the walls.

4. Read the instructions. Always read the instructions on a new space heater. The directions will inform you about the proper way to run the space heater so that you stay safe.

5. Check the sticker. Your space heater should have a sticker showing that it has been registered with a test laboratory for safety. Do not use a space heater that has not been safety tested, as you could run the risk of a fire.

6. Do not use an extension cord or power strip. Make sure that the space heater is the only thing plugged into its outlet. This makes the space heater less likely to overheat and potentially catch fire.

7. Check for any safety features. When purchasing a space heater, it is best to choose one that has built-in protection and safety. These safety features include protection from tipping and overheating. In addition, cool touch housing keeps the outer shell of the space heater from getting too hot, which lessens the likelihood of any injuries from accidentally touching the heater.

8. Make sure the space heater is level. Keep the space heater on a level, flat surface, and off of any furniture. Heaters are best positioned on a level floor without carpeting.

9. Unplug it when you’re not using it. Make sure your space heater is fully unplugged, not just off, when it is not being used. This reduces the risk of a fire.

Following these safety tips for your space heater will protect you and your family this winter. If you have questions or concerns regarding your space heater, do not hesitate to contact Beam HVAC.

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