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Should I Upgrade to Central Air in My Old House?

Are you dissatisfied with your window air conditioner? Before you invest in cooling your entire house, here's what you need to know about central air conditioning systems.

Central Air Conditioning: Common Questions to Consider

Who does the install?

You'll need a professional who is knowledgeable with these complex systems.

How much does it cost?

Many variables affect the system price, including the local climate, existing insulation, labor costs, and equipment size and efficiency.

How long does it last?

Typical equipment warranties last for 10 years. If properly maintained, these systems should function for about 15 years before needing replacement.

Can You Put Central Air in Any House?

In short, yes: with a few asterisks. The first question comes down to whether you have ducts or not, shortly followed by if you want ducts or not. This is because pre-existing heating ducts can be repurposed to function as air conditioning ducts with minimal cost and effort, as long as the ducts are sound and don’t need significant maintenance or repair. If you don’t have ductwork already present in your home, you have to choose if you want to pursue duct installation or if you would rather opt for a zone-based ductless cooling system.

Ready for Central Air?

If you are ready to upgrade your home to central air contact the experts at BEAM HVAC today!

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