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Steps for Winterizing Your HVAC System

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Winterizing your HVAC system is very important, but many homeowners overlook this task. Thankfully, it’s not very difficult. A properly winterized HVAC system will keep you warm in an energy-efficient way all winter. Here are some important steps for winterizing your HVAC system:

winterizing your HVAC system

1. To winterize your HVAC system, start with removing outdoor debris. Before winter comes, make sure that all sticks, rocks, leaves, twigs, and anything else that may have collected in and around your outdoor air conditioning unit are gone. Use a hose to wash the unit and let it dry.

2. Once the debris is cleared away, cut the power supply. Flip the switch on the electrical circuit to stop power from going to your air conditioner. This will prevent your air conditioner from turning on if there is an unusually warm day during the winter.

3. It is important to prevent freezing pipes. One way to do this is to insert insulation or foam on your pipes. You can buy foam pipe insulation covers and put them on any exposed pipes around your outdoor HVAC unit.

4. Cover the air conditioner. Use a waterproof air conditioning cover on your outdoor air conditioning unit. You can also add insulation for warmth. You may want to put wood, rocks, or bricks on top of the covering to secure it.

5. Reprogram your thermostat for winter. Try to keep your thermostat set to 78 degrees throughout the day when you are home. At night and when you are out, lower the temperature by about 10 degrees to save on your energy bill and reduce the amount of work that your unit has to do.

6. The next step is to check the furnace. If it is inaccessible, make sure you call Beam HVAC instead of potentially hurting yourself or causing damage to the system. You’ll want to make sure that there is nothing within a three-foot radius from the furnace for the best airflow.

7. With all of that taken care of, it’s time to test the furnace. It is recommended that you turn it on three times before the start of the winter. You don’t want to be left out in the cold in case there is an issue with your furnace.

8. Finally, schedule an appointment with Beam HVAC. They can check all of the equipment and make sure that it is ready for winter.

If you have questions about additional steps for winterizing your HVAC system properly, contact Beam HVAC.

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