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Summer Air Conditioning Tips

summer air conditioning tips

It is no question that the summer can be sweltering hot, but thanks to air conditioning, we can stay pretty comfortable. Do you want to get the most out of your air conditioner this summer and save money along the way? Here are some summer air conditioning tips:

Change Or Clean Your Air Filters

Air filters are the first line of defense for keeping unwanted particles in the air from entering your home. They collect dust, pet dander, pollen, and more. To keep your air conditioning running most effectively, check the air filter every month and clean or replace it as needed. This way, the air conditioner doesn’t have to work harder than necessary. This will save you money in the long run and help you get the most out of your air conditioner.

Keep Up With Regular Maintenance

In addition to changing the air filter, you should contact Beam HVAC to have overall regularly-scheduled maintenance on your HVAC system. Have it inspected before the heat really hits to make sure that it is in top condition to avoid any potential problems.

Check The Drainage Line

This is where the moisture removed by the air conditioner goes. If it is clogged, you can use a shop vac to suction out any obstructions. Pouring a cup of bleach into it is a great way to clean it and prevent mold.

Turn On Your Ceiling Fans

Using your ceiling fans in conjunction with your air conditioner is a great idea. Since the fans create wind, you will actually feel cooler than you would with air conditioning alone. This means that you do not have to run your air conditioning as cold, which saves money and wear on the unit. Make sure the fan is running counter clockwise in order to push down cool air.

Remove Debris Away From Your Outside Air Conditioning Condenser Unit And Keep It In The Shade

Leaves, sticks, and other debris can collect around your air conditioner. Be sure to remove all of these on a regular basis so that the ventilation process is not obstructed and the unit does not get too hot. The same idea goes for locating your outside air conditioner unit in the shade. It decreases the amount of work that the air conditioner is required to do, which saves you money and prolongs the unit’s life.

Seal Cracks Or Holes In Your Home

Weatherizing your home isn’t just for winter. A properly sealed home in the summer will not let warm air in, which helps the air conditioner maintain a cool temperature in your house.

Watch Your Thermostat

Did you know that each degree below 78 degrees increases the amount of energy that you use by 8%? Being mindful of this can save you money and reduce wear on your air conditioner. Consider getting a programmable thermostat, or even a smart thermostat. You can program it to higher temperatures when you are not at home, which helps conserve energy.

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