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Summer Checklist for HVAC Systems

Every homeowner should know exactly what they need to do to get their home HVAC system ready for Summer. Save time and energy by performing maintenance on your system. Don’t get stuck with an HVAC problem, follow Beam HVAC’s simple summer checklist for HVAC today.

Remove your Condenser Covers

AC covers are common in the cooler months and help save the units from debris like ice or leaves. Make sure you remember to check for a cover before starting up a unit. You don’t want to risk damaging your system.

Checking for a cover you can also take care of any excess grass, leaves and other debris. If you don't, there is a chance it can get caught in the condenser coils. If you want to be sure, you can also spray the outside of the unite for any dust or dirt that might have been built up.

Conduct a Thermostat Test for Your Unit

The next thing on Beam’s summer checklist for HVAC is performing a thermostat test. Make sure to test the thermostat by turning on and off, running through a heating or cooling cycle and other controls. If working properly, your house should cool and heat at the proper temperatures.

Clear your HVAC Vents of Any Furniture

It is important that nothing is blocking your vents when the system is on. You should check for rugs, furniture and other obstructions that might be blocking the proper flow. If you want to go one step further, then pull up a grate and make sure to clean off any dust. This will also ensure that that your vent’s are open and properly on to direct air flow.

Change Your HVAC Filter

Make sure to change out the condenser filter. The general guide says that it needs to change at the very least 90 days. If you haven’t checked since Winter your check is overdue. If you have a few pets or suffer allergies, then make sure that you clear your filters at least every 60 days or sooner. It will help provide a better air quality for the house.

Any Questions About Beam’s Summer Checklist for HVAC

You can follow these simple steps to make sure that your house HVAC system is going to be at the top of the working order. If you have any questions or concerns about your HVAC unit, contact Beam HVAC today. We are happy to help you keep your home cool during this hot summer!

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