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Why Heating Maintenance in Fall Is Vital

Heating Maintenance in Fall

After a hot, humid summer you want to know that when the seasons change, your HVAC system will keep your family comfortable. Learn why fall is the best time for preventative maintenance and how this important service can keep your HVAC system working well throughout the year.

Keep Efficiency High and Utility Bills Low

Heating and cooling account for about half of your annual energy costs if your home is anything like average. When you arrange preventative maintenance with BEAM HVAC, you can be certain that your HVAC system's efficiency will be maintained while your power expenses will be reduced. To ensure that your HVAC system operates as effectively as possible, we'll inspect interior and outdoor units, check fluid levels, test motors, and search for leaks.

Clear the Air

Your HVAC system is responsible for a lot more than just keeping your family comfortable.

It's also in charge of ensuring that your air supply is clean and safe. Your heating and cooling system, on the other hand, may be circulating air that is much more contaminated than the air outdoors if it isn't maintained on a regular basis.

As the weather cools and you spend more time indoors, it's more vital than ever to keep your indoor air clean. That's why it's critical to schedule HVAC maintenance in the fall, when the included air filter change will be most beneficial.

Have you made your fall preventive maintenance appointment yet? Call your local HVAC experts at BEAM HVAC today at 412-372-0686.

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