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Why Is My Furnace Making a Banging Noise?

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Furnace Making a Banging Noise

Old furnaces may create a wide range of sounds.

While most furnace noises aren't reason for alarm for Framingham residents, there are three that you should never ignore:

  • Banging

  • Grinding

  • Whining

When The Furnace Turns Off, It Makes A Banging Noise

The sound of hammering is a major source of anxiety among homeowners. BEAM HVAC discusses why this noise is occurring and what has to be done to resolve the problem.

Dirty Furnace Burners

Dirt can accumulate on your furnace's burners over time. When your furnace filter is unclean and/or you don't get your system tuned up on a regular basis, this accumulation becomes more serious. Regardless of the reason, dirt accumulation on your burners will cause the gas to be provided to your system to be delayed in igniting. As a consequence, gas will build up inside your furnace, and when the ignition is eventually turned on, it will cause a little explosion inside your system, which will sound like a loud pounding. This can be a significant system safety hazard, and it can also lead to a fractured heat exchanger.

Ducts Are Popping

During the heating cycle of your furnace, your ductwork expands and shrinks. When your air handler kicks on and the pressure inside your ducts changes, this might cause booming or pounding sounds. If this noise becomes louder or occurs more frequently than normal, it's most likely due to duct pressure buildup produced by a clogged air filter or closed vents in your rooms.

Is your furnace making a banging noise? Contact the professionals at BEAM HVAC today!

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